2016 2nd China Solar PV ONLINE Expo Accepting Registration

Over the past few decades, China has been transformed from a manufacturing giant into a manufacturing power. Nowadays, China is one of the most important photovoltaic markets in the world, accounting for almost one-third of the global photovoltaic market share. In other words, to some extent, the rise and fall of the photovoltaic industry in China can exert a significant influence on the development of the global renewable energy industry.

According to the prediction from OFweek’s Industry Research Center, with the gradual implementation of a new round of electricity price reduction policy, China’s newly installed photovoltaic power capacity in 2016 may exceed 19GW. And this would transform China into the world’s largest photovoltaic market.

In order to provide global photovoltaic suppliers and buys with a high-quality online platform for information dissemination, technology exchange and trade negotiations, OFweek, a comprehensive web portal in Chinese high-tech industry, plans to hold the 2016 2nd China Solar PV Online Expo during October 19-21. In the meantime, online technical seminars, launch events, product demonstrations, lotteries and reality TV shows will be run to make this Solar PV Online Expo more diversified. >>REGISTER NOW

The benefits of this Solar PV Online Expo

  • A golden opportunity to promote your brand: With OFweek’s rich experience in expos, high-quality member resources, powerful media resources and effective marketing methods, exhibitors’ products, technologies and accomplishments can achieve efficient multi-channel promotions – help to enhance brand awareness and image.
  • Reduce communication costs: Compared with attending a traditional offline expo, exhibitors are able to carry out product demonstrations and technical exchanges through an online expo, without booking hotels, delivering materials and constructing exhibition stands.
  • An innovative way to demonstrate products: When attending this solar PV online expo, exhibitors can use multimedia tools, including audios, videos, photos and animations, to show their products from different angles. Secondly, exhibitors can interact with their visitors via instant messaging software, regardless of their locations. Furthermore, other subsidiary functions like sample applications and white paper downloads are also available.
  • Easy to learn and operate: The only thing exhibitors should do before the online expo is uploading their exhibition materials according to relevant requirements. When the expo begins, exhibitors can arrange for customer service staff, salesmen and technicians to communicate with their customers, using computers connected to the Internet.
  • Good marketing results guarantee: The Solar PV Online Expo would obtain a wide spread through the integration of various online advertisements, content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. Also the holding of online seminars related to PV inverter technology, PV panel technology, PV materials technology and PV battery technology can provide photovoltaic enterprises with appropriate platforms to share their latest achievements, as well as keep up with the market trends.
Registered Exhibitors of the 2016 2nd China Solar PV Online Expo
Registered Exhibitors of the 2016 2nd China Solar PV Online Expo

Some Data of the 2016 1st Online Expo

the 2016 1st Solar PV Online Expo
Data of the 2016 1st China Solar PV Online Expo

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