Canadian Solar's HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 solar PV modules perform well in DNV's test

Canadian Solar announced that its 210-mm-cell-based HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 solar photovoltaic modules, with power output up to 670W, have been recognized by DNV as highly reliable and top-quality products with 3% lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).

Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar PV Module
BiHiKu7 bifacial PERC PV module | Image: Canadian Solar

Founded in 1864, DNV is a world-leading independent 3rd-party expert in product certification, risk management and assurance. The review of the HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 modules by DNV involves the production process, performance, reliability, and the LCOE analysis.

After auditing the entire manufacturing process of the mono-facial HiKu7 and bifacial BiHiKu7 PERC PV modules, DNV rated Canadian Solar at A+ for the HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 product lines.

In terms of power and operation performance, the HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 modules achieve conversion efficiencies of up to 21.6%, a Pmax temperature coefficient of -0.34%/℃ and low LID and LeTID rates at 0.5% or less. All these parameters make the modules more competitive than typical commercial modules.

DNV also reviewed Canadian Solar's reliability assurance program (including ongoing reliability testing), component-level testing for service life, and mechanical testing. The HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 modules show a power loss of less than 2%.

With the above excellent outcome, DNV recommends a useful life assumption of 35 to 45 years in financial modeling for solar projects using Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 modules. 

I am glad our HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 modules are appraised by DNV independently on product reliability, LCOE and manufacturing quality. The results verify Canadian Solar's advanced module technologies and strict quality control system. We are committed to providing the best performance/price ratio products to our customers around the world.

—remarked Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar

All the testing results can be found in DNV's Canadian Solar HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 Technology Review Report. Click here to read the executive summary. 

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