Reuters Events' latest whitepaper: Ensuring Energy Supply and Security across Asia-Pacific

Demand for energy in South Asia has risen by 50% in the last 20 years. Asia Pacific as a region is the largest energy consumer, but whilst it is dynamic and has huge potential, it is only at 25% readiness for the transition. 

There is a huge amount of progress to be made, and the next steps are critical.

The Energy Division Section Chief at the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific says: "What happens in the Asia Pacific and the energy transition will affect the rest of the world."

Reuters Events Whitepaper: Ensuring Energy Supply and Security Across Asia-Pacific

Reuters Events' latest white paper⁠—Ensuring Energy Supply and Security across Asia-Pacific⁠—looks at APAC's net-zero goals and supply opportunities, and how energy security impacts the desire to retire traditional fossil fuels in the region.

Download your complimentary whitepaper here⁠—limited copies available! 

What to expect from the report?

  • APAC & the Global Energy Stage: Understand how instability in key APAC regions directly impacts the global energy transition, as well as energy supply and demand
  • How to get ahead in low-carbon tech: Many energy markets in APAC remain focused on fossil fuel supplies, but there are boundless possibilities to boost low-carbon technology development
  • Funding & financial incentives: global investment in the energy transition totaled $755 billion in 2021. Of this, Asia Pacific attracted the most investment, at $368 billion, with a record 38% growth. Dive into the pivotal role of private capital in this growth, and where opportunities lie to attract investment

Get your copy today whilst they last 

The Asia-Pacific region is at a turning point in its net-zero trajectory. Renewable sources of energy have grown at an unprecedented rate in the last 10 years, whilst energy security has become a source of concern for the global community. 

Get ahead in understanding where the opportunities lie for APAC to accelerate and take the lead in the energy transition. This content was produced in conjunction with Reuters Events: Energy Transition Asia Pacific 2022 (Nov 30-Dec 1, Online). Register your place—for free—today!

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