Midsummer to deliver more than 100 MW of thin-film panels

Sweden-based, global CIGS thin-film cell solutions leader, Midsummer, announced it has signed letters of intent (LOIs) with six companies for the pre-sale of 107 MW of thin-film solar panels. These companies involve roof material manufacturing, property management and solar cell installation.

Midsummer's Swedish factory has an annual capacity of 2 MW. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Midsummer Italia, is expected to commence mass-scale production in 2023 and reach an annual capacity of 50 MW. Jointly, Midsummer has a total capacity of roughly 52 MW per year.

Midsummer Team Showcasing Its Latest Thin-Film Panel Product
Photo: Midsummer

Early this year, Midsummer signed agreements with three Italian building material and roof manufacturing companies to supply 15 MW per year—for five years, 75 MW in total. Counting in the deals mentioned today, Midsummer has now signed LOIs and agreements for the supply of 182 MW thin-film solar cells.

It is clear proof of a super strong demand for our attractive and sustainable products that we in such a short time span can sign so many large offtake agreements for the future delivery of solar cells and it validates our aggressive growth plans.

—said Sven Lindström, CEO of Midsummer.

The company owns the entire value chain; its thin-film solar cells are manufactured with its flagship machine Midsummer DUO. The technology, processes and businesses get commercially proven after decades of experience as a manufacturer of unique state-of-the-art production lines, and solar panel and roof products.

Midsummer's CIGS cells require no silicon, no aluminum frames and no glass encapsulation for efficient material consumption, production and installation. Midsummer states in its latest sustainability report that it has created the world's most environmentally-friendly way of producing electricity known today.

"Midsummer's products have up to 90 percent lower climate footprint over a life cycle than traditional panels, and lower than even wind and hydropower. Together with our other advantages in appearance, weight, durability, ease of installation without a mounting system and installed power per roof, it becomes an unbeatable offer," explains Lindström.

The company recently announced plans to raise capital for constructing a new Swedish factory with an initial 20 MW annual capacity and eventually 200 MW. Midsummer also has an ambitious long-term goal of realizing at least 1,000 MW capacity by 2030, with more construction plans on its agenda.

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