Nexamp to build seven community solar projects for LMI Hawaiian residents

Nexamp and Hawaii's largest utility company Hawaiian Electric have built a partnership to develop seven community solar projects in Hawaii, being part of Hawaiian Electric's community-based renewable energy (CBRE) program that helps lower electricity costs for low- and moderate-income (LMI) subscribers.

Boasting extensive experience supplying affordable clean energy to LMI customers and an industry-leading community solar platform, Nexamp was selected in the competitive bidding process exclusively to construct, own and operate the first round of projects. 

Hawaii Landscape

"Our commitment to accessibility shapes everything we do, from enrolling subscribers to providing economic and employment opportunities. Each of our hundreds of successful projects around the country represents a long-term commitment to the people and businesses of the community," said Chris Clark, Chief Development Officer of Nexamp.

Hawaii owns a unique ecological nature, island geography and socioeconomic environment. Many electricity customers are renters or apartment dwellers and they do not have access to privately owned rooftop solar. Community solar provides an ideal approach to speed up clean energy deployment in the state. It enables any resident to subscribe to a community solar farm and receive credits on their monthly electric bill that help lower their annual electricity costs.

The seven solar projects will be the first of their kind under the CBRE program on each island and will be operational by the end of 2025.

  • Kalaoa Solar A, Hawaii Island, 4.3 MWdc (3 MWac) solar + 13.7 MWh storage
  • Kalaoa Solar B, Hawaii Island, 4.3 MWdc (3 MWac) solar + 13.7 MWh storage
  • Nā'ālehu Solar, Hawaii Island, 4.2 MWdc (3 MWac) solar + 13.7 MWh storage
  • Līpoa Solar, Maui, 4.2 MWdc (3 MWac) solar + 13.7 MWh storage
  • Makawao Solar, Maui, 3.5 MWdc (2.5 MWac) solar + 10.9 MWh storage
  • Pi'iholo Road Solar, Maui, 3.5 MWdc (2.5 MWac) solar + 10.9 MWh storage
  • Kaukonahua Solar, Oahu, 7.8 MWdc (6 MWac) solar (co-developed with Melink Solar)

These specific community solar projects are reserved exclusively for LMI subscribers, ensuring that this group will benefit from the savings of shared solar.

"In addition to bringing savings to those who need them most, these projects will channel new federal funding to Hawaii provided by the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act and help the state further its goal of reducing its dependence on fossil fuels," added Clark

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