Tesla Megapack enables entire off-grid operation for a modular housing factory

Modular homes, tiny houses and commercial structures manufacturer S2A Modular announced one of its modular home MegaFactories in California is being powered entirely by just a single Tesla Megapack energy storage product. The company states that this is the first off-grid factory in the world powered entirely by a Megapack.

The MegaFactory applies similar technology found in S2A Modular's self-sustaining modular home product GreenLuxHome, bringing energy efficiency and sustainability to modular construction. 

Since commissioning the Tesla Megapack, all factory systems and equipment, including saws, air compressors, cranes, climate control, hydraulic lifts and more, have been operating exclusively on the energy provided by the Tesla Megapack using energy supplied by PVGraf solar panels. 

The factory has also partnered with Light Zero and utilizes its DC lighting technology to reduce carbon footprint by 18.5 tons.

From self-sustaining GreenLuxHomes to the company's MegaFactories used to manufacture the structures, S2A Modular is dedicated to energy reduction, climate change mitigation and sustainability.

The Tesla Megapack is a large-scale rechargeable lithium-ion battery stationary energy storage product by Tesla Energy, a subsidiary of Tesla. Each unit can store over 3 MWh of energy.

The PVGraf solar panels are manufactured by the Polish company FreeVolt, and boast the first panel in the world to feature graphene, with a new level of efficiency, reliability, and durability. FreeVolt has named S2A Modular the exclusive dealer of PVGraf Solar in the U.S.

*Cover image: Tesla Energy

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