Hoymiles launches smart, cost-effective solar microinverters

Microinverter manufacturer Hoymiles rolled out new microinverter series HMS-C and HMS-D. They are the cost-effective versions added to Hoymiles' classic HMS series and are expected to lower the upfront cost of solar projects while not comprising overall performance.

Both series come with 1,600 VA, 1,800 VA and 2,000 VA output power options and are compatible with most mainstream high-powered solar modules.

  • HMS-1600C/D-4T: Used with 320 to 540+ W PV modules
  • HMS-1800C/D-4T: Used with 360 to 600+ W PV modules
  • HMS-2000C/D-4T: Used with 400 to 670+ W PV modules
Hoymiles HMS-C Series Microinverter
Photo: Hoymiles

They are 4-in-1 microinverters and each inverter can accept connections to four solar panels simultaneously, meaning the conversion capacity is four times that of a regular one. According to Hoymiles, these microinverters have an industry-leading peak efficiency of up to 96.7% and an IP67 enclosure rating. 

It is worth noting that the C and D series have two 99.8% MPPTs rather than four, offering a great balance between efficient performance and affordability. Both series feature Sub-1G wireless connectivity with a channel to Hoymiles' data transfer units (DTU) and can be connected to Hoymiles' smart remote monitoring platform S-Miles Cloud. Solar project operators can access visual data on the system's energy production, usage and performance history, as well as receive alert messages for abnormal events.

The HMS-C microinverters are available in Europe, North America and Oceania, while the HMS-D microinverters are available in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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