NRG's SRM Systems back resource monitoring for Canada's largest solar plant

Solar resource measurement and intelligence solutions provider, NRG Systems, announced a partnership with U.S.-based infrastructure engineering consultancy Ulteig to provide its Solar Resource Monitoring (SRM) Systems to the 465-MW Travers Solar Project, the largest utility-scale solar plant in Canada. NRG's SRM Systems capture a range of site-specific parameters, including solar irradiance, module temperature, soiling conditions and albedo, which is a crucial factor in calculating and increasing the ROI of bifacial modules utilization in the project. All data collected by the SRM Systems will be vital in optimizing the project's overall performance and ensuring the project is on track to meet energy production targets.

Greengate Power Corporation developed the Travers project. PCL Construction led the construction. Ulteig provides resource monitoring services and oversees SCADA engineering and integration for the site.

NRG's SRM Systems feature a unique combination of flexibility and repeatability, which allows for project-specific customization within a framework that can be easily replicated across single or multiple plants.

Mike Crawford, Senior Market Development Manager - Renewables at Ulteig, commented, "This has been an especially important feature for the Travers project, given the project had strict requirements and contains more than one-million PV modules across the 3,300 acres. Having reliable meteorological stations distributed across the site is critical to the project's performance."

"Successfully deploying our solutions and playing a role in providing enough electricity to power 150,000 homes and offsetting more than 472,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually is directly in line with NRG's mission. We are proud that our SRM Systems will play a pivotal role in ensuring this remarkable site is achieving its peak performance potential for years to come," said Gregory Erdmann, Vice President of Global Sales at NRG Systems.

NRG Systems is a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies with over 40 years of experience in helping developers to make informed decisions and improve efficiency at all development stages.

*Cover image: NRG Systems

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