FranklinWH's storage solution added to Sunnova's EaaS offerings

Energy management and storage solutions provider FranklinWH Energy Storage announced an agreement with Energy as a Service (EaaS) provider Sunnova Energy International to offer its storage solution Franklin Home Power system (FHP), as an option for Sunnova's leading home energy system, the Sunnova Adaptive Home.

Sunnova Energy Services
Photo: Sunnova

The FHP is an AC-coupled solution built upon lithium iron phosphate technology. It comprises an AC battery called aPower with a built-in advanced inverter and an energy management device called aGate that can connect to the grid, home loads and a solar system. It features high scalability, which allows for an extended power supply by combining up to 15 units. The storage solution is also renowned for being pre-assembled for fast and easy installation, providing great flexibility for homeowners while satisfying diverse use cases, including self-consumption, time-of-use (TOU) and backup modes.

The Sunnova Adaptive Home is an integration platform and optimized ecosystem of solar, battery storage, EV charging, energy control and management technologies. By incorporating the FHP into its system, Sunnova can provide an enhanced, intelligent, whole-home energy management solution for both its solar customers and developers, bringing safe, reliable, affordable and cutting-edge solar technology to new homes and communities.

"We see the FHP storage solution as a strong addition to our EaaS offerings, and one that integrates easily to enhance the lives of our customers," said Michael Grasso, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer at Sunnova Energy International.

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