Enteligent unveils NMax series RSD with solar optimization

California-based developer of solar optimization and EV solar charging technologies, Enteligent, recently launched its NMax Rapid Shutdown (RSD) with Optimization ecosystem. Last month, the company raised $7 million to fast-track the commercialization of its proprietary solar optimization platform and DC-to-DC solar hybrid bi-directional EV charger.

Enteligent NMax Series RSD With Solar Optimization
Photo: Enteligent

Enteligent reports that two leading providers currently dominate over 80% of the market share in North America's power optimization and panel-level monitoring of rooftop solar systems.

Enteligent's NMax solution consists of rapid shutdown capability, power optimization and panel-level performance data over power-line communications (PLC). It is an all-in-one solution that offers new options for solar installers who want to stand out from the large regional and national dealers. It also helps homeowners achieve a better return on their solar investment by maximizing their solar output while keeping costs low.

Power optimization allows each panel to operate at its highest output all the time. This feature significantly overcomes an inherent flaw of PV string installations when one or more of the connected solar panels are underproducing, whether due to shading, soiling, snow or differing panel orientations, the output of all solar panels is reduced.

The panel-level monitoring feature provides solar generation statistics for individual panels. This monitoring allows installers to validate that the panels are functioning properly, helps service providers diagnose and troubleshoot module issues and gives homeowners peace of mind by making monitoring easier.

Through its proprietary technology, Enteligent is delivering a system-level approach for solar power optimization, enabling real-time monitoring, instantaneous responses and on-demand optimization. The company reports that all these features contribute to a 10% increase in electricity generated from a typical rooftop solar installation.

The Enteligent NMax series products will be available next quarter.

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