Denowatts launches 4th-gen digital twin benchmarking tech

Denowatts announced the competition of DNV's independent technical review and the launch of its 4th generation digital technology, the Deno Digital Twin Benchmarking (DTB).

The DTB technology uses wireless and self-powered sensors to streamline performance measurement. The sensors measure irradiance and temperature and compute expected power benchmarks to deliver faster, more accurate and more efficient performance analytics. Its smaller and simpler design makes it possible to deploy the device in multiple locations within PV arrays or at sites where typical weather stations are not feasible.

Denowatts Digital Twin Benchmarking Technology

The technology has been evaluated by DNV and accredited under the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for capacity testing, which provides assurance to customers and stakeholders that the solution has the technical competence and management systems in place to conduct accurate and reliable capacity tests.

It is expected to enhance performance management capabilities and is regarded as a value-add service to benefit different solar participants, including independent power producers, solar asset owners and performance engineers.

"DNV's review provides a robust independent review of how our technology paves the way for the solar industry to scale to new heights using advanced digital technology," said Dan Leary, CEO and Founder of Denowatts.

Denowatts will hold a webinar on May 4 to elaborate on this technology and the technical review.

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