TSUN's Gen3 microinverters enter the Polish market

TSUN, a provider of microinverters and energy storage solutions, has achieved a significant milestone in its European expansion strategy with the attainment of the Intertek Poland grid connection certification for its Gen3 series microinverters. This accomplishment comes after the successful launch of the TSUN TITAN series microinverters in the Polish market.

TSUN Gen3 MS2000 Microinverter
Photo: TSUN

The Gen3 microinverters boast a power output range spanning from 300W to 2,000W and can be linked with up to four panels. With advanced topology technology, the inverters can reach a peak conversion efficiency of 96.7%. The built-in WiFi and Bluetooth modules enable remote monitoring of each panel's generation, component-level maintenance and efficient management of the entire PV system, including fault diagnosis, firmware upgrades, etc. Additionally, the Gen3 microinverters feature an aluminum alloy casing and an IP67 waterproof and dustproof design, allowing them to work even under harsh conditions.

This certification also marks the official entry of TSUN's Easy Solar Kit (ESK) system into the Polish market.

By packing and combing a series of solar components, including panels, microinverters, brackets and cables as well as a "plug-and-play" design that enables installation at various locations, the ESK system broadens the applications of its microinverters. The user-friendly installation process allows more users to enjoy the convenience and benefits of solar.

Intertek is a globally recognized quality assurance services provider with an extensive laboratory network. Its energy storage system and inverter laboratory have a full set of professional testing equipment and experienced testing engineers to provide authoritative testing and certification services.

Founded in 2016 by a German returnee team with its core members deeply involved in the solar and energy storage industry for more than ten years, TSUN will further enhance its R&D capabilities and accelerate its globalization pace to better serve the global residential solar market.

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