Sunmaxx decarbonizes MAHLE's production site with PVT modules

German photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) modules provider Sunmaxx PVT and planning company for regenerative energy systems goodmen energy recently conducted a new, comprehensive feasibility study on decarbonization with solar technologies at a 17,000-sqm production site of the automotive supplier MAHLE. The study demonstrates that the heat and electricity demand of MAHLE's site can be decarbonized entirely using the combination of PVT and standard PV modules.

By using PVT modules, geothermal probes, and a geothermal heat pump, the production site can greatly reduce its carbon footprint and save on costs. These modules are capable of producing both heat and electricity simultaneously.

Sunmaxx PVT Module Structure
Image: Sunmaxx PVT

Part of the heat generated by the modules is stored seasonally in the geothermal field while a portion of the roof area is already sufficient to generate the entire annual heat demand of the site via PVT modules. Standard PV modules are used to generate electricity in the remaining unused areas of the plant. This combination of energy generation not only maximizes efficiency, but also reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 2,700 tons per year.

Thanks to the PVT modules from Sunmaxx, the required number of ground probes could be massively reduced. In addition, the ground probes serve as a seasonal storage unit that absorbs the solar heat from the PVT modules in summer and releases it again in winter for heating purposes. This results in a win-win situation in the interaction of the two components, ground probes and PVT, which makes the concept technically and economically successful.

—said Dr. Markus Pröll, project manager and authorized signatory at goodmen energy.

Sunmaxx's solution has the potential to revolutionize almost any industry, presenting a fully scalable and adaptable solution for businesses with significant energy demands. The company is working with very energy-intensive industries to decarbonize sites with several hundred GWh of heat and power demand.

"we can directly cover temperature ranges up to 150°C in combination with modern heat pump technology and significantly reduce fuel costs even for higher temperature levels. And even without geothermal energy, sites can be completely or largely decarbonized with our modules," added Dr. Wilhelm Stein, CEO of Sunmaxx PVT.

The project is currently in the execution phase and is expected to go into operation in 2024. Meanwhile, a team from Sunmaxx PVT and MAHLE is working intensively on decarbonizing other MAHLE locations in the same way.

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