JinkoSolar delivers 220,000 TOPCon modules to Bulgaria

JinkoSolar, a titan of solar module manufacturing on the global stage, has lit up the news with the announcement of a major delivery. Over 220,000 Tiger NEO TOPCon bifacial 72 modules are set to power up the Verila Solar Power Plant—Bulgaria's largest solar project. This isn't just a big deal for Bulgaria; it's a headline-grabbing feat in Europe's renewable energy scene.

Located on the southern slope of Verila Mountain, near the village of Kraynits, sits the 123-MW Verila plant. It's nestled at an altitude between 700 and 1,000 meters above sea level and sprawls across 1300 acres of rolling steep terrain, presenting both an engineering challenge and an exciting opportunity. 

This project is a "game-changer" for Bulgaria, set to crank up the country's solar power capacity by a whopping 7%, marking a key step in the country's transition to renewables. It's a clear signal of progress in a region that has historically been slow to embrace the shift away from fossil fuels.

Frank Niendorf, General Manager of JinkoSolar Europe, hailed the development as a testament to JinkoSolar's innovative TOPCon technology and a beacon for the renewable energy transition across Europe. "The Verila project will become not only a Bulgarian benchmark, but also a Pan-European one for renewable energy transition," he commented. "It is one of the largest projects ever built in Europe using TOPCon bifacial modules, and JinkoSolar is very proud to be a part of such an important milestone for our industry."

TOPCon technology is an evolution of PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Contact) solar cells. It features advanced passivation in the contact structure, significantly reducing recombination losses and thereby improving the cell's overall efficiency.

Many manufacturers are combining this technology into their product lines. The share of TOPCon modules has experienced big growth in the European market, with Astronery's delivery of 154.4-MW TOPCon modules to Germany in March and Trina Solar's plan to ship over 1-GW of TOPCon modules to several European projects within three years.

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