LONGi partners with Vision Grid Energy to fuel hydrogen development

LONGi Hydrogen, a large-scale electrolyzer and green hydrogen production solutions provider, announced a partnership with Vision Grid Energy, an engineering, developer, owner and operator of vertically integrated green hydrogen production facilities and innovative energy technology company. Together, they unveiled a momentous agreement aimed at accelerating the advancement and deployment of green hydrogen-based solutions.

LONGi Hydrogen Solution
Image: LONGi Hydrogen

Though the use of hydrogen as a renewable energy resource emerged several decades ago or even earlier, the complexities of its production, transportation, storage and usage, as well as the high cost, have long become major barriers to its widespread adoption. However, over the years, the focus on hydrogen as a renewable energy resource has intensified, and many breakthroughs have continuously emerged.

The strategic partnership between LONGi Hydrogen and Vision Grid Energy marks a significant milestone in hydrogen energy.

LONGi Hydrogen's flagship advanced electrolysis technologies and "Green Power + Green Hydrogen" solutions fuel efficient and scalable production of hydrogen, ensuring a steady supply to meet the increasing demand. While the extensive expertise in renewable energy facilities design and optimization by Vision Grid Energy complements LONGi Hydrogen's capabilities, allowing seamless integration of green hydrogen technologies into existing energy and gas network infrastructure.

Both companies will work together to promote affordable green hydrogen as a crucial part of the energy transition, leveraging their strengths to accelerate its adoption.

By combining our expertise, we can pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape, and together, we will accelerate its adoption and drive meaningful change.

—said Cheng Lan, International GM of LONGi Hydrogen.

Over the past few years, many solar companies have experienced strategic transformations. Some companies reposition themselves as "value chain integrators" surrounding the solar industry. We can see there are module manufacturers entering the energy storage business or acting in another role as project developers.

LONGi Hydrogen was established in 2021 and is a subsidiary of the LONGi Group which is a renowned Tier-1 solar module provider since 2000. LONGi Hydrogen contributes to not only the development of hydrogen energy, but also the "solar plus hydrogen" exploration for both the Group and the industry.

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