Sungrow debuts brand-new residential solution

Sungrow, a leading inverter and energy storage solutions supplier, launched its latest residential solution during Intersolar 2023, comprising the new 3-phase hybrid inverter SH15/20/25T and new battery SBH100-400 series.

The new battery adopts a modular design, and each module boasts a high capacity of 5 kWh. A battery unit can accommodate 2-8 modules, while the whole battery system allows up to 4 units in parallel. With the modular design of placing one module on top of another, the system can be scaled up to 160 kWh, more than sufficient to meet most power demands of residential and small-scale C&I applications.

In addition, the battery is configured with 50A high current, which enables charging of 25 kWh in one hour. The hybrid inverter is of a higher power capacity ranging from 15 kW to 25 kW, complementing high-power applications of the whole system.

Sungrow Brand-New Residentail Energy Solution
Image: Sungrow

When the whole residential property is installed with up to 43 kVA of load power, this complete solution can support the entire house in grid parallel mode. In case of a blackout, up to 25 kVA of load can be supported.

Regarding safety features, the solution utilizes AFCI technology with a test accuracy of 99.9%, allowing an arc detection distance of 200 meters and a rapid shutdown capability of 200 milliseconds.

Another feature is the remote cloud-based real-time monitoring and management via Sungrow's iSolarCloud platform. Some of the other marked features include ultra-quiet design (below 35dB when operating), a seamless transition of 10ms during an outage, and a module-level battery fire suppression system.

As a whole, the development and debut of this solution echo the proliferating adoption of high-powered and intelligent appliances, including heat pumps and smart homes. Sungrow is also dedicated to leveraging its expertise in solar and energy storage technologies to power more, modern applications such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-home (V2H), and intelligent microgrids.

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