Energywell brings community solar to residents in Maine

Energywell announced a collaboration with a national independent power producer (IPP) through one of its subsidiaries, Energywell Community Solar (doing business as Think Community Solar), to provide community solar customer acquisition and management in Maine.

Just this winter, Energywell fully subscribed to its first project in Maine within merely a few short weeks using its proprietary Think+ sales channel. "Energywell's unique value proposition sets a new market standard that brings real scale to customer acquisition and management for the community solar industry," said Steve Condon, VP of Community Solar at Energywell.

Group Mounted Solar Panel Array

"Our high-efficiency model applies seamlessly in all states where community solar subscriptions are an option for our residential, LMI, and C&I energy customers, and we look forward to continuing our community solar growth in 2023," added Condon.

Energywell believes that community solar subscriptions are an excellent way to offer customers additional value through long-term savings without requiring them a large upfront payment. The results of this collaboration will allow for remarkable synergies that enable Energywell's licensed retail electricity supplier, Think Energy, to enhance its clean energy product portfolio, further satisfy customers' need for choice and increase customer acquisition efficiency.

Michael Fallquist, CEO of Energywell, said that before the establishment of Energywell, their team constructed several remarkably successful retail energy companies, which contracted millions of residential electricity and natural gas customers over the years.

"Our expertise in the retail energy industry uniquely positions us to deliver high-quality community solar customers at scale and with the highest standards of compliance."

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