World's largest 'salt-PV' complementary project commissioned in China

The Huadian Haijing Salt-PV Complementary Power Station, constructed over a 3294-acre (1,333-hectare) salt field with a total capacity of 1 GW, was recently connected to the grid in Tianjin, China. It is expected to generate approximately 1,500 GWh of solar energy per year, sufficient to meet the electricity demand of 1.5 million households. Its operation is also projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.25 million tons annually.

Upon commission, the project becomes the largest salt-PV complementary power station in the world, contributing to both enhancing the power supply and greenifying the power grid in North China. More importantly, this project explores a "three-in-one" compound industrial model combining solar power generation, salt production through water evaporation, and underwater aquaculture to drive modern development and innovation of traditional industries in China, opening up a new channel for solar application right after the current widespread agrivoltaics.

Huadian Haijing Salt-PV Complementary Power Station

As a result of the unique environment of this site, any electronic device used must meet strict requirements. The project installed 2,190 units of Sungrow's high-power string inverter, the SG320HX. These inverters hit the 300kW+ trending level, and they are compatible with a selection of module technologies, such as bi-facial modules. They also help to reduce the Balance of System (BOS) costs while providing higher safety protection, more reliable power generation and swifter service response.

Beyond the advantages above, these SG320HX inverters come equipped with the industry's highest protection level of IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion capacity, making them ideal for the high humidity and high corrosion environment of salt fields near the sea.

In addition, these inverters are fitted with Sungrow's unique 24-hour AC/DC insulation monitoring function that monitors impedance in real-time, identifies damaged cables quickly, and reduces the risk of electric shock and fire due to cable erosion.

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  1. Hedy Broome says:

    Can brine from desalination be utilised for such a project?

  2. MM Kisabuli says:

    Who do we talk to regarding doing a similar project in Kenya? What's the cost of such a project (exclude the cost of land)?...largest "salt-PV"...

    phone: +254 720 818500

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