Nautilus & EnergyMark supply solar for small to mid-size NY businesses

Community solar company Nautilus Solar Energy announced its strategic partnership with NY-based energy supplier and solar subscription manager EnergyMark. 

The partnership aims to bridge the gap for local small to mid-size commercial businesses that have historically been left out of the community solar revolution, resulting from the inaccessibility to community solar credits due to credit rating requirements and long-term commitments. This situation leads to lost opportunities to capitalize on solar advantages and secure guaranteed savings on energy costs.

Community Solar Project

"This partnership with EnergyMark is about more than energy; it's about equity for every business, big or small," said Daniel Bozer, Manager of Community Solar Business Development at Nautilus Solar Energy.

"Our collaboration has been a rewarding journey, especially with my fellow Buffalonians. Together, we're ensuring local businesses in the National Grid utility easily access clean energy, strengthening both the power grid and NY economies."

The involved 16 MW solar capacity across seven projects in Western and Central New York will be allocated for local commercial companies. This opportunity empowers area businesses to significantly reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint, offsetting 15,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Nautilus serves as the long-term owner of the community solar projects and is responsible for energy production, long-term performance maintenance, and customer subscription management. EnergyMark will manage subscriber acquisition and administer the solar credits generated from the seven projects.

"This innovative partnership will grant greater access to the benefits of community solar," said Luke Marchiori, Executive Vice President of EnergyMark. "Our Agreement with Nautilus allows us to provide significant savings to our customers and continue our exponential growth in New York's rapidly expanding renewable generation space."

Many solar deployments have demonstrated that community solar plays an important role in the decarbonization of New York, especially in urban areas, as land and rooftop resources are very scarce and valuable in the state. This form of solar access offers more than just cost savings; it also enhances grid reliability and resilience, stimulates local job creation and economic development, and advances infrastructure improvements, thereby setting the stage for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Small to mid-size commercial businesses in New York interested in this solar opportunity can contact EnergyMark for more information.

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