Sol-Ark selects Enteligent's RSD with Optimization for its 0900-80V

Sol-Ark, dedicated to solving complex energy challenges with innovative tech for over a decade, chose Enteligent's NMax Rapid Shutdown (RSD) with Optimization platform for its direct-current (DC) module-level power electronics (MLPE) product line, 0900-80V.

This new device will provide a holistic solution to satisfy the core needs of Sol-Ark's customers by combining the robust safety role of an RSD with additional innovative features around energy optimization and data monitoring.

Unlike many other products in the market, the power optimization functionality of the Sol-Ark 900-80V is enabled only when necessary. This helps to minimize internal heat generation of the device, maximize energy efficiency and increase lifespan.

Enteligent NMax Rapid Shutdown with Optimization
Image: Enteligent

When fluctuations in module output occur due to shading, snow loads, differing angles of light incidence or other factors, the embedded microprocessor adjusts the current output of that module to maximize the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) both individually and the string as a whole.

Regarding monitoring, panel-level data is transmitted over powerline communications (PLC), providing simple installation without the need for a wireless network or additional wire runs. The data from the panels can be viewed either on Sol-Ark's PV Pro monitoring platform or a PC-connected application, improving the efficiency of installation and maintenance processes while empowering homeowners to well track the performance. 

"With Enteligent's NMax Rapid Shutdown with Optimization solution, Sol-Ark can provide the most comprehensive product on the market to support solar panel installers and give their customers more options at an affordable price point," commented Sean Burke, CEO and Co-founder of Enteligent.

The testing by Sol-Ark indicates that, after the integration with Enteligent's technology, the 0900-80V yields 25% and 38% more power during shady conditions compared to competitors' RSD products.

"Initially, I was skeptical that panel-level optimization would provide any appreciable benefit over the string-level MPPT of the inverter and the PV module diodes, but once we tested Enteligent's technology, we knew this product would be a game-changer," said Tom Brennan, CEO and CTO of Sol-Ark. 

"The increased power optimization, the addition of panel-level monitoring, and the unique longevity of this device will provide exceptional benefit for our customers."

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