SolarEdge unveils the ONE: a new optimization solution for C&I

SolarEdge unveiled its SolarEdge ONE solution, a comprehensive software-based site management and energy optimization solution for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar applications at RE+ 2023.

It is a real-time energy optimization system to maximize energy generation and consumption, including solar arrays, storage and local energy loads such as EV fleet charging.

This solution includes two major modules. An on-site local controller called SolarEdge Local Controller is designed to enable integration with compatible third-party devices, including weather sensors, energy meters and cellular modems, to provide advanced on-site management capabilities for optimal system communication and performance.

The other module is a web-based platform called SolarEdge ONE Manager, via which owners and asset managers can monitor the entire system and orchestrate the site solar production, EV charging and load optimization. The SolarEdge ONE Manager also provides robust operation and maintenance tools with functionality down to the individual module level.

Commercial Solar Project

By leveraging the power of smart algorithms based on aggregation of external data (e.g., daily utility rates and weather forecasts) and on-site data (e.g., historical solar production, site consumption and user preferences) as well as sophisticated algorithms, SolarEdge ONE helps both the commercial and industrial sectors to overcome the challenges of complex energy systems. It creates synergies across the energy asset portfolio, assisting in making optimal solar production and consumption decisions in daily routine.

Some of the prominent features and benefits include maximizing the use of excess solar during peak pricing periods for more savings, decreased maintenance costs through remote troubleshooting and real-time alerts and reporting, and adaptive optimization solutions accommodating changing organizational needs and consumption patterns.

SolarEdge expressed that the ONE solution is also applicable to the residential segment. Features of the solution will be rolled out gradually through 2023 and 2024.

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