SolarTech rallying consumers to oppose VNEM 3.0

SolarTech, a 20-year-old California company, is urging individuals and groups to unite against what they believe are the harmful effects of VNEM 3.0. As the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) gears up for the vote on September 21, 2023, SolarTech is highlighting the urgent need for solar consumers to take action to defend their rights.

From the perspective of SolarTech, VNEM 3.0 could potentially make rooftop solar systems unaffordable for residents in apartments, farms and schools. 

NEM in California

The directive places restrictions on the amount of self-consumed solar-generated electricity in properties with multiple meters. Under this policy, the property owners would be effectively selling the power produced by their solar array to the utility and then having to buy it back at a higher rate. If it is enacted, the benefits of solar energy within multi-unit metered housing would shift from consumers to utility companies.

In a nutshell, SolarTech thinks that this situation could lead to diminished returns on investments and reduced revenue for solar owners in multi-unit metered settings, thus providing fewer incentives for others to go solar.

"California's virtual net metering decision by the Public Utilities Commission is a step in the wrong direction, undermining individual property rights and stifling energy innovation. We should empower individuals to harness the full potential of renewable energy sources, rather than imposing top-down restrictions that hinder progress," explained Jim Sprouse, Chief Revenue Officer at SolarTech.

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