Sungrow unveils new iSolarCloud for smarter solar monitoring

On the 1st of this month, Sungrow rolled out the upgraded version of its intelligent solar project management and monitoring App iSolarCloud, which enables comprehensive lifecycle management for solar and energy storage plants, including data collection, plant monitoring, as well as operation and maintenance (O&M). 

Sungrow iSolarCloud

This new iSolarCloud facilitates the efficiency of O&M by several improved features. It can intelligently diagnose system abnormalities in advance and send fault warning notifications via App or email. For enhanced fault analysis, the new iSolarCloud equips Smart IV Curve Diagnosis for faulty modules and can generate reports automatically, hitting over 90% accuracy. It also integrates a remote upgrade functionality, enabling remote equipment upgrades with just a few clicks on the phone. Taking inspiration from 'gamification', a new feature is added to let users set up their carbon dioxide emission targets and showcase the the progress toward their targets.

Regarding data security, the new iSolarCloud achieves comprehensive information protection on communication, system, application and data, ensuring information security in all aspects. It is one of the few products that has received certifications for both the international industrial information security standard IEC62443 and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

To date, iSolarCloud is serving more than one million users in over 150 countries, with a total installed capacity of 56 GW.

The success of Sungrow's smart App demonstrates that both hardware and software are crucial for solar companies to lead the way among the crowd and for the industry to get high-quality development.

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