ASEAN Solar+ Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2016 to be Held on December 5-6

With the rapid development of the energy industry in the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the demand for energy storage is also growing rapidly. Nearly every government has introduced favorable policies to attract investment from domestic and foreign energy companies. While as an emerging economy, the strong economic performance has made the member countries into an attractive market.

The ASEAN Solar+ Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2016, the largest congress focusing on the energy storage market in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), is planned to be held in Manila, the capital of Philippines, on December 5-6, 2016. This congress will fully combine different support from local governments, power companies and associations to create a high-quality platform for communicating, investing and trading. Professionals from the R&D, production, sales and other related sectors of the industrial chain of the solar and energy storage industry, officials from the tender departments in governments will gather and attend the congress.


  • The largest congress that focuses on energy storage market in ASEAN;
  • Philippine Chapter will be set alone for attendees to get more detailed information about energy storage market in Philippines;
  • Energy storage system assists utilities to balance power supply and demand;
  • Integrate energy storage into off-grid industry;
  • Advanced energy storage technologies sharing;
  • Opportunities and Challenges for off-grid solar expansion in ASEAN;
  • Financing issues for energy storage projects in ASEAN.

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