Lauren Hamilton

Lauren Hamilton is a Sydney-based writer, digital marketer and website developer. Her specialty areas include small business marketing and growth, decarbonization strategies and renewable energy. By day, she is the Marketing Communications Specialist for Smart Ease, who funds smart and energy-efficiency equipment for businesses across Aus, UK and NZ. By night (ok, on her days off), she runs her own small business developing websites, content marketing strategies and digital advertising campaigns for SMEs.
Green Loans

Green loans: the sustainable business move

Green loans are funding solutions designed to meet the needs of organizations that are undertaking projects with proven environmental benefits. They differ from traditional loans…
Interest in Commercial Solar Is Surging in the U.K.

Streamlining the way for organizations to adopt solar and energy-efficiency technologies

Smart Ease launched operations this month in the U.K. to help organizations fund energy-efficiency technologies, slashing power costs and reducing emissions.
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