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Michaud Energy Policy Research Group

The Michaud Energy Policy Research Group at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Environmental Sustainability (SES) focuses on the policy, planning, and economic implications of renewable and advanced energy deployment. While our work predominantly focuses on these issues in Chicago and across the Midwest, we have collaborators and projects nationally. Our research concentrates on energy and environmental policy analysis/evaluation, workforce development, tax implications, electricity rate impacts, pollution mitigation, grid reliability and resiliency, business demand for renewables, and many other areas, predominantly focused on distributed and utility-scale solar projects, clean transportation, and green entrepreneurship. The research group aims to provide solutions to energy and environmental policy challenges, leveraging partnerships with industry, government, and nonprofit organizations to conduct studies focused on policy, planning, and electricity infrastructure development.
Solar Panel Arrays at a Utility-Scale Solar Power Plant

Investigating Concerns from Locals Regarding Utility-Scale Solar Development in the Midwest

Utility-scale solar energy is generally understudied and misunderstood due to its rapid growth over the past decade. More research in these areas can help stakeholders…
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