China's Non-Fossil Energy Consumption is Set to Take up 15 Percent By 2020

Han Shui, Chief Engineer of National Energy Administration (NEA) of China, said in the news conference of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Power Development (hereinafter referred to as “Power Development Plan”) that:

the non-fossil energy consumption in China is set to account for around 15% of the primary energy consumption by 2020.

Compared to previous plans, this Power Development Plan highlights the requirements of the transformation and upgrading of energy structure, as well as embodies the principle of giving priority to clean energy. Mr. Han Shui introduced that in the traditional sense, the planning for power development mainly follows two principles: First, to meet the load demand forecast and ensure the supply of electricity; the second is to determine the sizes and types of the construction of electrical infrastructures with the best economic principles, based on economic efficiency. Besides, this Power Development Plan has another key principle mentioned above – it’s a fixed goal that every sector in the country should work together to achieve.

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Mr. Han Shui also pointed out that to realize the principle of giving priority to clean energy, the power capacity in the country would come from hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic power and nuclear power, in the first place, prior to traditional fossil fuel power.

Additionally, the priority given to clean energy is about to be reflected in the power transmission – more clean energy will be transmitted to remote areas. In the near future, more and more clean energy like hydropower, wind power and solar power from Western China will be delivered to other parts of China. In terms of power consumption, the government will continuously launch different effective policies and measures to encourage the use of clean energy and struggle to meet the goal. comment↓


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