ET Solar & Huawei to Build 1-GW Intelligent Photovoltaic Power Plants

ET Solar Group signed a cooperation agreement with Suzhou Huawei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (Huawei) on October 11 in Shenzhen City – and established a strategic cooperation relationship in the field of photovoltaic energy industry. Within the next year, ET Solar Group and Huawei will build photovoltaic power plants around the world with a total capacity of 1 GW. Meanwhile, ET Solar and Huawei will concentrate on their strategic goal to accelerate the process of the global integration of intelligent photovoltaic power plants, enhance the overall industry level and competitiveness, push ahead with the price reduction of photovoltaic electricity and popularize different clean electricity.

All the procedures and actions in the plan will be based on the concrete characteristics and development needs of the two companies. Prior to the construction, ET Solar and Huawei will launch comprehensive research on actual conditions in different countries or regions. Then select the appropriate places in China, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia to build distributed and terrestrial photovoltaic projects. Through these projects, ET Solar and Huawei endeavor to strengthen the all-round cooperation between domestic and foreign markets.

If we get to know more about the two companies, we can find that it’ll be a win-win cooperation for both sides. ET Solar has rich experience in power plant operations and has been carrying out photovoltaic project development, investment, construction, operations and maintenance worldwide. While Huawei will provide ET Solar with excellent intelligent solutions of operations and maintenance for its photovoltaic projects, as well as technical support for power plant planning, design, simulation analysis of power generation capacity, system optimization and recommendation of equipment selection. In the meantime, Huawei will use its long-standing overseas institutions and localized resources to proactively promote the projects by ET Solar.

In regard to the standard setting for intelligent photovoltaic power plants and joint innovation, ET Solar and Huawei will launch a systematic cooperation. The two sides will combine their respective advantages and rely on the power plants either under construction or already in operation – to make innovation in intelligence and popularize this new type of power plant. More importantly, the two sides will jointly propel the process of establishing a world-class leading online platform for intelligent photovoltaic power plants, through the standard setting for intelligent plants and their critical components. Furthermore, ET Solar and Huawei will utilize big data analysis technology to monitor and optimize the performance of the photovoltaic power plants – to achieve the optimal cost of photovoltaic electricity.

There’s no doubt that this cooperation is a golden opportunity for both ET Solar and Huawei to fulfill their mission and social responsibility to create a new generation of intelligent, high-efficiency, safe and reliable photovoltaic power plants – and promote the healthy development of the industry and the continuous progress in photovoltaic technologies. We can foresee that this powerful combination will boost the investment in photovoltaic projects and bring a significant upgrade into China’s photovoltaic industry. comment↓


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