#B20 Global Solar Council Seeks Support to Create 10 Million Jobs

The B20 Summit is an important platform for the international business community to participate in global economic governance. Many solar energy enterprises in Jiangsu Province have prepared well to make different policy recommendations in the B20 Summit to boost the development of solar energy industry.

Just before the opening of the B20 Summit, the Global Solar Council (GSC) sent out an open letter to the G20 in English and Chinese and publish it to the world, focusing on seeking support from members of the G20 to develop environmental-friendly solar energy. The open letter proposes that the leaders of the member countries of the G20 would support the Global Solar Council to create 10 million job opportunities until 2030, promise the cooperation with the Global Solar Council and the government institutions, and to establish a national and public-private partnership in the solar energy field for data collection and dissemination network.

The proponent of the open letter is an entrepreneur, Gao Jifan, from Jiangsu. He is the co-chairman of the Global Solar Council who proposed the above suggestions in May. After the discussion from the board of directors from the Global Solar Council, the open letter was agreed to be published.

“The main purpose of the B20 Summit is to collect comments and suggestions from the industrial and commercial sector and then submit the policy recommendation report to the G20 Summit.” As a representative of the Jiangsu enterprises to the B20 Summit, Gao Jifan said solar energy is one of the cheapest energy resources in the world and it has become the common form of power generation. As an environmental-friendly power resource, solar energy has a cost advantage in tackling climate change. In order to prevent the global temperature rising over 2 degrees Celsius, it is inevitable to accelerate the speed of solar energy deployment. Under the correct market environment guidance, the solar power generation is expected to account for 10% in 2030 when compared to less than 1% now.

The B20 Summit has been holding for seven years, the accumulated policy recommendations to the G20 Summit have reached 400 and many of them are included in the G20 Summit communique. The greatest outcome of the B20 this year is to submit the 2016 B20 Policy Recommendation Report to the G20 Summit. There are over 20 policy recommendations concluding the wisdom and voice from the industrial and commercial sector.

Gao Jifan will voice out in the B20 this year on behalf of the solar enterprises in the world. “Photovoltaic is a highly globalized industry. We need to promote it and cooperate through immediate communication to eliminate misunderstanding, resolve conflicts and trade disputes. China has become an active user in photovoltaic applications from manufacture, contributing excellence to the global photovoltaic industry.” comment↓


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