Jiangsu to Build China’s First Photovoltaic Energy Expressway Network

During the group discussion in Jiangsu’s 13th party congress, Cai Renjie, chairman and party secretary of Jiangsu Communications Holdings Co., Ltd, introduced that its subsidiary Jiangsu Expressway was planning to integrate the existing expressway sound barriers with photovoltaic panels, making good use of the expressway network resources in Jiangsu.

By now, the first batch of sound barriers, totals 400-meter long in the section of Jingyan Expressway, has been adjusted to be integrated with photovoltaic panels. This attempt is showing good results, and when the whole project is done, it will turn into China’s first “photovoltaic energy expressway network”.

With the rapid development in recent years, Jiangsu Province has a wide coverage of expressway networks. Official data reveal that the current total mileage of expressways reaches around 2,485 miles, providing a lot of convenience to citizens. Meanwhile, the “open” feature of expressway networks is showing potential in further development.

“Now people around the expressways have needs to build sound barriers to obtain a quiet living environment. We can make good use of these sound barrier resources and install photovoltaic devices in the respectively 30-meter wide areas on both sides of the expressways. When there’s sunlight, the photovoltaic devices along the expressways can generate electricity,” Cai Renjie said. “If the project can proceed smoothly, Jiangsu will become the first to build the photovoltaic energy expressway network.”

Photovoltaic Panels and Expressway Sound Barriers

“There is a a wide range of positive significance to build this type of network. On the one hand, the clean power capacity in Jiangsu only accounts for about 7 percent of the total capacity. Vigorously developing new photovoltaic energy is conducive to improving the energy structure in Jiangsu. On the other hand, installing photovoltaic devices in the sound barrier areas is an effective way to utilize the open space on both sides of the expressways. In the construction process, there’re no needs to deal with land requisition, occupy the existing land resources, as well as increase infrastructure investment, which can fundamentally alleviate the contradictions between the economic development of Jiangsu and other issues, including natural resources, space and environment. In addition, when this project is finalized, it can enhance the image of Jiangsu Province and become a unique expressway landscape.”

Cai Renjie also added that Jiangsu has a sturdy photovoltaic industry base, the photovoltaic industry in Jiangsu can get boosted once this photovoltaic energy expressway network officially begins construction. comment↓


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