Solar Industry Press Release Submission

The solar energy industry is advancing at a rapid pace with huge capacity installed worldwide, numerous solar companies established and many kinds of solar technologies invented every day. To continuously strengthen our own competitiveness, we need to keep track of and learn from the development of the industry and each participant’s achievements. Thus, solar participants of different backgrounds and positions like you and us search for solar news on various and relevant topics for studying and inspirations day after day.

As an online magazine, we’ve been trying our best to share latest news and more in-dept insights with our readers. Press releases are an important key to keep us updated on the industry in time, which also helps us better connect with the industry and readers.

By submitting your press release, you would receive an opportunity to present your products, projects or companies. Please fill in the press release submission form below as required. Once receive your press release, we will try our best to report on the news, or request an interview with your experts or management to gain further insights on related hot topics.

Note: However, we cannot promise to repost your press release or report on every piece of news, since our resources cannot be limitless.

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