#REVOLUTION: A REAL Solar Roof Made By SolarCity and Tesla

After acquiring the SolarCity, Tesla is now working on a new project. According to Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla and SolarCity’s Chairman, their latest endeavour as a company is the solar roof. It is a new solar panel type which is not just to be attached to the roof, but is actually the roof itself. During the conference call of SolarCity for its financial result for the second quarter held last August 9, Musk was there is sitting on the conference.

In this event, Lyndon Rive, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SolarCity, said that they have 2 new products that they are currently working on and is due to arrive before this year comes to an end. This schedule is relatively close to the expected completion of their merger with Tesla which is a well-known electric car maker company.

Musk then started to describe one of these new products as the solar roof which according to him is opposed to the modules known to roofs.

He also said in this conference that he believe that this will be a fundamental part to achieve a product strategy that is differentiated where one will have beautiful roof that they wish for. He added that it is not a mere thing on the roof, but it is the roof.

For the homeowners who intend to produce electricity on their own, this is welcoming news. They no longer need to be conscious about the effect of solar panels that are known for being negatively aesthetic to most of the buildings. This product, according to the company will not make an impact to the current business of solar panel that the SolarCity have.

Musk said that he sees that this new solar roof will have a huge market coming where Rive added that in just the United States alone, every year, the new house roofs that are being installed reached over 5 million in counts. Homeowners in the future who would see the need to replace their roof will probably turn on roofs embedded with the solar panels. That is according to SolarCity.

The Solar Roof Project Reveals the Close Cooperation Between the 2 Companies

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In this conference call, it was not mentioned in a more explicit way, but Tesla and SolarCity can also offer partnership to companies who are in the stage of building their companies. Their new solar roof can also be installed in the new-build.  This idea seems to be already a part of the plan laid out by Elon Musk in bringing SolarCity and Tesla together. They intend to produce an energy company that will provide power both for your home and your car. They also intend to be a mean of electricity production.  This new solar roof project they are working with now along with the other one is the start for this all. In their calculation, before the year end, their new products will be already out and start making changes in the way people view house roofs. comment↓


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