Setting the Global Energy Transition Agenda for 2022

The mandate behind climate action is clear. The time for global businesses to turn net zero ambition into business action has arrived. In the wake of COP 26, and with mounting pressure from the investor community, corporate business and society at large, it is vital that the energy transition picks up the pace and turns commendable rhetoric into meaningful action.

In December, Reuters Events launched their flagship Global Energy Transition summit, to tackle these themes and continue to drive the conversation forward - scheduled 13 – 17 June 2022. The main executive conference will be hosted in New York on June 14 and 15, convening global CEOs from the world’s leading energy companies, government ministers and key industry distributors to tackle the energy transition head on.

The most up to date information on the flagship meeting can be found online here: 

Agenda for the Global Energy Transition 2022 (Reuters Events)

The two-day executive energy conference will outline the strategy to enable the energy sector to effectively decarbonise and align with sustainability targets. The organisation has also defined what it believes to be the five key pillars of energy transition for 2022, detailed a follows.  

  • Delivering Net Zero - The energy transition is the greatest challenge facing our society and require both collaboration and action from across energy, business, and government ecosystems. How can the industry turn net zero ambition into meaningful business action?    
  • Society, Governance, People - How are the macro transformations in the energy sector impacting on global societies, geopolitics, and people? Explore approaches to energy governance, the importance of equity and access within a Just Transition and the impact of transition on our built environments. View the website for the most up to date information on the Global Energy Transition Event.
  • Markets, Finance & Investment  - Achieving net zero emissions by 2050 will require an estimated $1 trillion – 2 trillion of additional annual investment. How can public and private sector finance work together to deliver the energy transition?
  • Clean Technology & Electrification  - For many, the success of the transition rests on the ability to swap CO2 molecules for electrons. Explore the future of the grid, the roadmap for sectoral electrification and the roadmaps for solar, wind and storage alongside new clean-tech innovations.
  • The Industry Transition - The challenges posed by climate change and the energy transition will have far-reaching impacts on global industry. How can companies deliver deep decarbonisation in hard to abate sectors?

At Reuters Events, we’re committed to tackling the Energy Transition head on; to shed light on the defining issue of our time and help energy companies meet a uniquely difficult challenge. In a period that will be defined by uncertainty we can, together, lighten the way forward.

—Owen RoltSolar Magazine Interviewee Avatar, Head of Energy Transition, Reuters Events

Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2022 offers executive level utility leaders a forum through which to navigate. This article is being issued in association with Reuters Events upcoming flagship Energy Event—Global Energy Transition conference. More information can be found on the website.


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