Shanghai Provides Solar Power Charging Piles For Electric Cars

Last month, the Shanghai government announced that its first solar power charging station for electric cars had been set up in the south side of the Yinxing-Songhu Road Public Transport Hub in the Yangpu District. This 400 square meters large solar power charging station consists of a large carport with photovoltaic panels attached onto its roof, and several solar power charging piles inside. The photovoltaic panels will convert the solar energy into electricity; meanwhile, the electricity will be stored in the battery units for further use. Drivers can use the solar power charging piles inside to charge their electric cars. And the whole process would take some 3.5 hours, which is similar to that of other normal charging piles.

This station is an innovative integration of photovoltaic technology, storage technology and charging pile technology – to provide integrated services for bill-by-hour electric cars. According to the manager, this solar power station, with a total capacity of 10 kilowatts, can generate 40 kWh per day on the average. And the battery units inside the station are able to supply electricity for 10 electric cars simultaneously. To settle the circumstance of insufficient power supply results from the long-time full load operation of the charging devices, the project company has worked out a contingency plan to deliver mobile power banks to this station. In the near future, the company will also upgrade the relevant devices to improve the capacity and charging rate and meet the growing demands of the market.

Solar Power Charging Piles in Yinxing-Songhu Road Public Transport Hub

With a prominent bottleneck, but bright prospects

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For now, the charging cost of using solar power charging piles remains relatively high compared to that of using normal piles connected to traditional electricity grids; and the popularization of the solar power charging has not yet reached a high level. But even though the cost has become the most prominent bottleneck of the development of this charging mode, the future prospects are bright and encouraging. This kind of solar stations is an intelligent renewable energy application system that well reflects the development trend of the industry. It is a practical platform that combines three functions in one, including grid-connected photovoltaic power generation, off-grid photovoltaic power generation and charging services for electric cars.

As we can see, the electric car industry has received strong support from many governments in the world. The appearance of this kind of solar power stations will not only raise a flourishing development in the electric car industry, but also create a huge demand for the solar power charging pile technology. Plus, the construction of solar power charging piles will boost the development of electric cars, as well as help reduce the demand for traditional electricity, like fossil fuel electricity. comment↓


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