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The solar energy industry is advancing day after day by contributions from solar energy policymakers, contractors, installers, developers, EPCs, researchers and users. It’s critical to regularly keep updated about what is going on in the industry to carry out in-time action plans for policy improvements, business development, industry research, and green living.

Weekly Solar Highlights Presented by Solar Magazine

Solar Magazine will constantly keep eyes on different solar energy news regarding solar industry policies, opportunities, price changes, market trends and innovative technologies like blockchain-based solar energy trading networks, perovskite solar cells, bifacial solar panels, and solar glass, and so on–about which readers are most concerned and interested.

2019 Solar Highlights


Feb. 25–Mar. 4: The list of U.S. states and cities shooting for 100 percent renewable or zero-carbon electricity grows; European oil and gas majors step up renewable energy investments…[Read more]

Mar. 2–Mar. 9: Myanmar, Togo join growing list of developing, lesser-developed countries turning to solar-storage for rural, universal electrification; Belgian Scientists beta test hydrogen-producing solar panel; IKEA’s innovation lab to take blockchain-based, community solar-storage microgrid prototype on world tour. [Read more]

Mar. 9–Mar. 16: African island solar minigrids, plans to build a solar power facility at a former coal mining site, and the U.S. solar PV market shows resilience feature among this week’s Solar Magazine news highlights. [Read more]