SunPower M-Series Solar Panels: Technology, Specifications, & Comparison

SunPower is a leading company in the U.S. solar industry, offering a wide portfolio of solar solutions, with the M Series being one of the most outstanding solar panels. These modules are the highest efficiency AC solar panels in the market, perfectly suited for residential and commercial applications.

SunPower M series solar panels feature a high conversion efficiency, low power degradation, cutting-edge technology designed by Maxeon Solar, a superior aesthetic design, and an outstanding warranty. In this article, you will learn about the technology featured by these modules, technical specifications, strengths & advantages, and how they compare against other options in the market.

SunPower M-Series Solar Panels Guide

SunPower M Series solar panels are the result of cutting-edge technology, featuring the Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells and a factory-integrated microinverter.

Maxeon Gen 6 Solar Cell

Maxeon Gen 6 Solar Cell Used in M-Series Solar Panels
Maxeon Gen 6 Solar Cell | Source: SunPower

Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells used for the M Series are designed to last longer and perform better, delivering more power during their lifetime. Featuring a 5% larger size than previous Maxeon solar cells and an improved technology, they have a leading efficiency of up to 22.8% and excellent performance in low-light environments. These cells are built with a solid copper foundation, allowing them to resist breakage and corrosion.

Factory-Integrated SunPower Microinverter

Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter
Image: Enphase

Each residential M Series PV module designed by SunPower features a built-in Type H IQ7HS factory-integrated microinverter, designed by Enphase at the DC output. This technology converts DC-generated power by Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells into AC power, optimizing energy levels and improving performance by up to 25%.

Technical specifications & details of the M-Series solar panels

SunPower has designed specific modules within the M Series, suited for residential and for commercial applications. In this section, we analyze the technical specifications and details of each option.

Residential M-Series

SunPower M-Series Residential Solar Panels
  • Module Efficiency: Up to 22.8%.
  • Nominal Power (DC): 420W – 440W.
  • Output Power (AC): 369 VA – 384 VA.
  • Temperature Coefficient: -0.29%/ºC
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºF to 185ºF

Residential SunPower M Series solar panels are specially designed for the SunPower Equinox System and feature 66 Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells to deliver a nominal DC power output of 420-440W before the microinverter, and 369-384VA at the AC output.

The modules are protected by high-transmission tempered glass with anti-reflective coating, featuring a Class 1 Black anodized frame. These modules are designed to deliver around 60% more energy than conventional modules during their lifetime and are covered by a 25-year limited warranty.

Commercial M-Series

SunPower M-Series Commercial Solar Panels
  • Module Efficiency: Up to 22.3%.
  • Nominal Power (DC): 450W – 475W.
  • Temperature Coefficient: -0.29%/ºC
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºF to 185ºF

Specially designed to integrate with the SunPower Helix System, commercial SunPower M Series solar panels are manufactured using 72 Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells, to deliver a DC power output of 450-475W. This variation of the M series does not feature a built-in integrated micro-inverter.

These modules are protected by high-transmission tempered anti-reflective glass, featuring a Class 2 silver anodized frame. The modules are also covered by a 25-year warranty.

Strengths & advantages of the SunPower M-Series

SunPower M Series solar panels feature many strengths & advantages. In this section, we will list and explain some of the most outstanding ones.

DC to AC inversion right at the module

Residential M Series solar panels feature a built-in Enphase microinverter, which converts DC to AC power with a reduced power loss, providing versatility to the solar array and better performance for the system. This is why this type of solar panel is generally known as an AC module.

60% more energy in 25 years compared to conventional panels

Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells used for M Series solar panels feature a high conversion efficiency and low power degradation over time; this results in modules producing around 60% more energy than conventional modules during their lifetime.

One-of-a-kind 25-year Warranty

As a result of the M Series featuring cutting-edge technology and high-quality components, the company covers the modules with a 25-year product and performance warranty.

Highest efficiency AC solar panel

As a result of integrating Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells and Enphase’s microinverter, SunPower M Series solar panels have risen to become the highest-efficiency AC solar panels in the market. These modules feature a conversion efficiency of up to 22.8% for a power output of 440W for residential applications and 475W for commercial applications.

Black & White or All-Black design

SunPower M Series comes in Black & White and All-Black models. The latest option is the 420-440W for residential applications available in Black & White, but previous models have featured All-Black designs, a brand signature of SunPower.

Comparing SunPower M-Series

Comparing SunPower M Series solar panels against other options is one of the best ways to truly illustrate the potential of these solar PV modules featuring cutting-edge technology.

SunPower M-Series vs. 420W HiDM by Canadian Solar

The first comparison contrasts the 420W HiDM modules by Canadian Solar against SunPower M Series solar panels.

440W M Series by SunPower420W HiDM by Canadian Solar
Module Efficiency22.8%20.4%
Nominal Power (DC)440W420W
Temperature Coefficient-0.29%/ºC-0.37%/ºC
Operating Temperature-40ºF to 185ºF-40ºF to 185ºF
Module Area75.4 x 40.6 in81.8 x 39.1 in
Weight48 lbs.51.6 lbs.
Built-in MicroinverterEnphase IQ7HSN/A

SunPower M Series technical specifications surpass the 420W HiDM modules by Canadian Solar. The M Series modules feature a higher conversion efficiency and a higher power rating, they are also physically lighter and smaller. On top of the M series having a built-in micro inverter, they also perform better in extreme temperatures, making them a better option in general.

SunPower M-Series vs. 400W Q.PEAK DUO by QCells

Another great contrast arises by comparing SunPower M Series modules against the 400W Q.PEAK DUO by QCells, which is also a highly popular option in the solar industry.

440W M Series by SunPower400W Q.PEAK DUO by QCells
Module Efficiency22.8%19.9%
Nominal Power (DC)440W400W
Temperature Coefficient-0.29%/ºC-0.36%/ºC
Operating Temperature-40ºF to 185ºF-40ºF to 185ºF
Module Area75.4 x 40.6 in79.3 x 37.4 in
Weight48 lbs.51.8 lbs.
Built-in MicroinverterEnphase IQ7HSN/A

Contrasting differences are more notorious between the SunPower M Series and the 400W Q.PEAK DUO. The M Series delivers around 40W more than the Q.PEAK DUO since it features a much higher conversion efficiency and better performance in extreme temperatures.

M series modules also feature lighter weight and require less roof space, on top of having an AC output by including the built-in microinverter, making them a superior option against the 400W Q.PEAK DUO.

SunPower M Series vs. X Series SunPower solar panels

The contrast becomes less notorious when comparing the SunPower M series vs. X series SunPower solar panels, two types of modules designed by SunPower and released to the market as different series.

440W M Series by SunPower360W SunPower X Series Solar Panel
Module Efficiency22.8%22.2%
Nominal Power (DC)440W360W
Temperature Coefficient-0.29%/ºC-0.29%/ºC
Operating Temperature-40ºF to 185ºF-40ºF to 185ºF
Module Area75.4 x 40.6 in61.3 x 41.2 in
Weight48 lbs.41 lbs.
Built-in MicroinverterEnphase IQ7HSN/A

Higher power output and a built-in microinverter are the main differences between the SunPower X series solar panels and the M Series, while both feature similar efficiencies and temperature coefficients. A remarkable difference rises regarding the dimension of the modules since the M series are larger than the SunPower X series solar panels.  

The similarities between both series are the result of SunPower using cutting-edge and well-developed technology for all their modules. This explains why both series feature similar efficiencies, temperature coefficients, and lightweight for their modules.


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