Ubiquitous Energy Awarded $3M For Continued Improvement Of Solar Energy Technology

The California Energy Commission, in conjunction with the Bringing Rapid Innovation Development to Green Energy, recently awarded a $3 million grant to Ubiquitous Energy.

The grant money will be used to help speed up the commercialization manufacturing of energy-efficient windows – to improve the technology. The company will also use the money to work with a highly-respectable building energy efficiency group located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Ubiquitous Energy, a well-known transparent solar technology company, said the CEC grant is proof that its team and technology is the world leader in ClearView photovoltaics. The company has been developing its ClearView Power technology by way of redesigning the solar cell. This redesign has changed how the technology absorbs non-visible light (such as infrared and ultraviolet) so that it changes into electricity. It also has the power to diffuse visible light.

Simply put, the ClearView Power technology is the first real clear solar technology that can harness ambient light and turn it into clean, renewable usable energy/electricity without having an impact on how the light looks.

The ClearView Power technology works both as a solar control coating and electricity generator by hindering solar heat absorption. This coating can be applied to the vertical surfaces of any building. It converts traditional windows into more energy efficient windows so that they can generate electricity and look amazing to occupants, designers and architects.

According to Miles Barr, CEO of Ubiquitous Energy, if all the homes in the state of California were to have the ClearView Power technology installed, it would decrease the electrical consumption amount of up to 20 terawatts. In turn, saving the state a plethora of money.

ClearView Power, when applied right to glass using basic glass coating equipment, will become clear and color neutral. Thanks to the California Energy Commission grant, it will give the company a chance to speed up the manufacturing of its ClearView Power technology. It’s a patent-protected technology that gives the Building Integrated Photovoltaic market a really clear energy solution that allows for zero net energy buildings and more.

Along with the development of the ClearView Power technology, Ubiquitous Energy has set up a pilot production that includes characterization, fabrication and environmental testing tools. The Silicon Valley facility, which is working alongside commercial partners to create more product and engineering prototypes, is ready to mass produce the technology. comment↓


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