What Jinko Solar’s World Record Means for the Solar Industry

Recent days have seen Jinko Solar make waves around the solar community with news of its new world record. The Shanghai-headquartered company has broken the world record for bifacial modules conversion efficiency. This achievement is significant not only as a standalone, but for the secondary benefits it is set to deliver the solar industry.

The achievement

Announcing in recent days the maximum conversion efficiency of its bifacial solar modules reached 22.49%, Jinko Solar’s feat sets a new industry standard for efficiency of mass-produced solar cells. Jinko Solar was successful in improving efficiency for its mass-produced modules by applying newly developed ARC and advanced metallization technologies and proven proprietary technologies to high-efficient cell design.

This news is exciting by itself, but even more so when the wider benefits are factored in.

n Bifacial Solar Panel by Jinko Solar
Photo: Jinko Solar

The ancillary benefits for the industry

This achievement comes at a particularly exciting time for the solar industry around the world as it edges closer and closer to obtaining grid parity. High-efficiency modules help to reduce the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) and help drive the industry closer to grid parity globally. This has been a longstanding goal and one that the final months of 2019 and the start of this new year has seen new data reveal very promising progress.

Although true a sizeable gap still remains between the world’s most competitive markets—such as India, Italy, and France—and others, ultimately the cost of solar continues to decline. And in relative terms—given the youth of the industry and the rapidly growing popularity its been enjoying across many jurisdictions—the speed at which these costs have visibly lowered across many markets in just a few short years has indeed been akin to a price crash.

The road ahead from here

News now such progress early in 2020 will be joined by a new world record-setting feat by Jinko Solar is surely welcome news to their team in Shanghai, and to so many of us around the world keen for further innovation in the industry. comment↓


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